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For four generations, Cottini SpA has been producing wines of the highest quality, with a firm belief in technological innovation and research in order to make the most of tradition and of the skills the company has acquired.
This is a story that started a hundred years ago in the unique land of Valpolicella, where most of its vineyards are located, with 140 company-owned hectares and 240 hectares under direct management.



The company has chosen to control the entire production cycle, from grape to glass, by means of a monitored, certified chain, which further guarantees both quality and traceability. Diligence, responsibility and respect are the values that make for the creation of a natural product, which, first and foremost, takes into account the wellbeing and protection of the consumer.



Our relationship with the Earth is authentic and can only be based on respect. Our vision inspires us to make use of the latest technologies while always keeping eco-sustainability firmly in mind.